Sustainability at Simba Sunrise Bed & Breakfast

At Simba Sunrise Bed & Breakfast our sustainability philosophy is simple.

We aim to reduce our footprint on this earth as much as we reasonably can without compromising on style and quality.

Our intention is to work with the natural environment to create comfortable living conditions using an environmentally sustainable design that reduces heating and cooling costs and works with the seasons to create year round ambience.

Passive design principles include:

  • House oriented north to maximise solar efficiency
  • Concrete slab and Hebel external walls for thermal mass
  • Decks designed to take advantage of the seasons to limit energy use
  • Cross-flow ventilation to aid in natural cooling
  • Insulation of roof cavity to prevent heat being transferred to living areas
  • Wind operated roof ventilators used to remove heat and moisture from roof cavity.

Energy savings include:

  • 1.47 kW grid-interactive solar panel system plus inverter to feed energy generated into the mains grid
  • LED globes to replace all existing halogen globes
  • Instantaneous gas hot water system to new ensuites, heat pump hot water to remainder of house
  • Timers used on all external and directional lighting
  • Economy operation of air conditioning units that enables energy usage to be reduced by 30%


  • All water throughout the house collected from the roof and stored in tanks. Total capacity is 97,700 litres. Filtered water is available for drinking
  • A tertiary sewerage system filters and disinfects effluent and greywater prior to dispersal on to non edible gardens and lawns
  • Toilets are dual flush 4* water rated. Shower heads have a 3* water rating
  • Plants are chosen for their low water requirements. Gardens are mulched to conserve evaporation and irrigated from the creek in dry times

Our pledge to commit to a sustainable lifestyle:

  • Guest food supplies are sourced locally and feature artisan producers that use only the freshest ingredients with no harmful additives and minimal packaging
  • Toiletries are biodegradable and 95%+ natural in origin. Soaps are vegetable based and product formulations are free of sulphates, parabens, urea, mineral oil, and artificial colourants. They are not tested on animals and packaged in 100% post-consumer recycled water bottles and enhanced with EcoPure for improved biodegradability
  • Our cleaning products are 100% owned and manufactured in NSW using natural plant based extracts. They are Petro-chemical and phosphate free, readily biodegradable, ecologically compatible and come in reusable packaging. They contain no artificial colours and fragrances, SLS, EDTA, parabens or formaldehyde
  • We recycle all glass, cardboard, paper and plastic through the council recycling service

Our contribution to conservation

  • Our property is registered under the “Land For Wildlife” initiative. This assists in the conservation and restoration of wildlife habitat and provides corridors to enable the linking of fragmented pockets of habitat important to the survival of endangered species
  • We contribute to the improvement of waterway rehabilitation in the Maroochy catchment by revegetating the areas adjacent to the creek with naturally occurring local species. We also take monthly readings of the water quality of the creek and provide this to Maroochy Waterwatch
  • We have planted flowering shrubs, flowers and vegetables around the house to attract beneficial birds, pollinators and insects to ensure a balanced ecological environment
  • All vegetative matter is composted and used to increase soil vitality
    Only naturally occurring fertilisers are used in the garden.